Sculptural Poems

Four Entwined


Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO

In planning the work for Four Entwined, I designed  the sculptures to function like three dimensional poems giving perceptive viewers a chance to create individual narratives for themselves based upon their “reading” of each sculpture. The work is fabricated from wooden cast-offs such as scythe handles, parts from a shoe factory rack, cello pegs, wooden canes, glass eyes and wooden weaving shuttles. Once built, the forms are obsessively bound with pigment-stained waxed linen thread.

Note on size: The wall hung sculptures vary in size from 71”X8”X6” to 84”X18”X6”.

Writing in All the Art, Margaret Keller observes, “Siblings, Nest and Divining Child,…are three spare yet evocative abstractions. …All call forth the energy of relationships.”