Collective Subtext

Collective Subtext A-Z


The Poetry of Objects, Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO


Three Artists, Meramec Gallery, St. Louis, MO

The human story fascinates me and as I learned more about the origin of language I found that each of the letters of our modern alphabet is a time capsule that holds traces and mutations of our ancient ancestors’ efforts to communicate by way of graphic marks and drawings.

Collective Subtext A-Z traces the story behind each letter in our alphabet. . Victor Hugo writes, “Human society, the world, the whole of mankind is in the alphabet…The alphabet is a source.” The images are painted on Mylar bonded to birch board At the core of this work lies my interest in the fusion of personal and cultural experience and the simultaneous compression and expansion of time.

Writing about Collective Subtext A-Z In the Riverfront Times Jessica Baran says, “Each piece represents a letter of the alphabet, its form revealed amid a swarm of other marks that represent the character’s historical forebears. Broken down to their constituent parts, the marks begin to resonate with the core forms of the wall sculptures. The work itself appears to formulate a new language, speaking in curves, lines and staccato endpoints.”